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There is a new beast in town… it is called RevOps, still better known as Revenue Operations.

Although not a novel idea, revenue operations has recently emerged as a key driver for overall revenue success within organisations.

RevOps can best be described as the alignment of sales, marketing and customer success within an organisation.

And the role or department can look quite differently in different organisations, ranging from purely operational stuff (owning CRM changes) to strategic elements, like KPI alignment, enablement, target allocation and so forth.

The purpose in its widest form is to drive revenue growth and enhance customer success through operational efficiency and strategic alignment.

I had a great chat with Richard De Veer, RevOps director of JustEatTakeAway around launching Revenue Operations, and here you find the most important topics.

Let’s go!

How to start with RevOps?

Richard is very clear on this.

First start with the customer.

Understanding your customer base, how do they behave?

Secondly, focus on the KPIs: understand what do you want to achieve as a team and translate those in aligned KPIs.

Important for Richard is to understand what has driven that KPI?

Thirdly, designing the sales process.

Defining how we sell, how we enable the journeys and how to create a process around this, like: what are the steps before a company becomes client of us, and what are the gaps, step-by-step.

Impact of AI on RevOps

And the other beast appears here as well… AI.

Besides streamlining and automating repetitive tasks such as outreach, account research, and content creation which we covered in our chat with Micael Ribeiro from Amplemarket here, sales effectiveness will be impacted as well.

  • Enhancing Sales Effectiveness:

Thanks to AI-driven insights we can provide sales teams with valuable data to improve their performance and customer engagement.

And it is important to know that AI will enable to get this data more and more in real time, with a higher accuracy.

Let us not forget that AI is king with regards to analysing huge amounts of data, and thanks to this, RevOps will be able to come with better decisions to align sales, marketing and CS.

Future Trends and Considerations

  • Customer Success Focus:

I was happy to hear that Richard thinks that RevOps will further evolve to prioritise customer success and retention alongside new business acquisition.

  • Continued Optimization:

Ongoing refinement of processes and strategies to adapt to market changes and optimize performance.

All in all, I think the growing importance of RevOps is very much needed, to break down existing silos between sales, marketing and CS.

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