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I started in sales in 1998, working at scaleups like NVIDIA, Indeed, and major tech companies like Getronics, Veritas, Symantec.

I grew the revenue of my assigned territories x10, x25 and even x100 within 12-48 months.
Total cumulative sales made: $700m

But I can’t take credit for that.
Yes, you read that right.

I don’t try to claim I am some sort of Wundermensch. The credit is shared. I was lucky to work in companies where everything was organised for Sales to succeed.

Entire departments supported the Revenue Org – from HR, Enablement, Sales Effectiveness, Sales Operations to Marketing and Sales Strategy.

There are two ways to succeed in sales:
1) Hire the superstars
The problem is: That’s not scalable. Also: Superstars are expensive, often come with a poor attitude, and everyone else is competing for them, too.

2) Set up your organisation in a way that you can set up mere mortals (= good salespeople who are eager to learn, but no superstars) to succeed.

I can help you with (2).
I create a unique playbook, tailor made for your company and context, that helps you build a top 1% sales team.

All successful companies have strong focus, foundational structure and flawless execution. This is what we will build together in your organisation.

I work with B2B companies with 2-30 salespeople, worldwide.

If you want to:

  • create a winning revenue strategy that takes the stress out of you
  • know where your revenue will come from 3, 6, 12 months down the line
  • have 360 degree knowledge of your salespeople’s strengths and weaknesses
  • create a lead generation engine and
  • close deals faster

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