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Transform your revenue engine to grow your sales faster.  For b2b Tech startups and scale ups that want to scale.

Create a Revenue System

A bespoke strategy for your unique context

Massively improve your revenue growth by focusing on what matters in your context, by solving your challenges.

What is preventing you today from growing your revenue?

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The 10 main challenges all scaling companies face:

Transitioning from Founder Led Sales to Sales Teams

Getting more leads

Hire and onboard the right people

Developing the right sales Skills

Focus on the right ICPs

Creating and implementing processes that work

Having the right sales playbooks

Hitting Product/Market Fit

Attain and maintain hypergrowth

Build up a pipeline

Improve efficiency and profitability

Typical Results with a Revenue Strategy:

Onboarding Speed


Faster Growth Rate



Rep Productivity

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Some of our clients:


CEO & Founder UserSense

“Cedric has been a tremendous strategic coach. He helped me on how to implement a go-to-market strategy and how to work with the right channel partners.”

Selina Schwarzenbacher

CEO and founder, Euro Yachting

Wendy & Kristina

Founders, Secret City Trails

Simon Due

CEO and founder, Star.Care