Sales Strategies that Generate More Revenue

We build high performance revenue engines for ambitious b2B Tech Leaders that wanna scale from 1 to 20 million.

Join Cedric and discover Jump’s approach to transform your revenue growth.

Join Cedric and discover Jump’s approach to transform your revenue growth.

Sales Strategies that Close the Deal

We build high performance revenue engines for ambitious B2B Tech Leaders.

Typical Results with a Revenue Strategy

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Rep Productivity

Revenue Systems

Discover Jump’s approach to transform your revenue growth. Create your sales kit and single source-of-truth of everything sales.
Get help with deal progression, gain more leads and close more deals, and nail your forecasting

Sales Playbooks to
Increase Your Revenue

Grow your business predictably through a bespoke approach tailored to your context, practical and powerful.
Use methods that we used to scale organisations x10, x25 and even x100.

How I Help You.

Scale Up Program

On your path to scale from 1 to 20 million ARR and beyond? Attain hypergrowth, improve your revenue and efficiency with a bespoke strategy designed for you.
Simple, adaptable and effective.


Jump Start Coaching

Starting up your company and have a first market validation? Get your coaching program and enhance your skills, refine processes and boost your revenue with expert guidance.


ABS Account Based Sales

Our hottest program: we reach out to leads, build deals and generate revenue, for you.


Ad Hoc Coaching or Long Term Advisory

Elevate your results with expert coaching and long term advisory.


Fractional Sales Leadership

Sales leadership engagement to help you
building your revenue organisation, covering strategy, processes, pricing, sales management and hiring.


How WE work

Our Revenue Programs

A proven approach to scale your revenue.

  • Strategy Call

    Define your scope and needs, and check if we are a good fit.

  • Inventory Step

    In this step we assess your existing revenue setup, including tools, pipeline, goals, sales, marketing & CS approach and come with recommendations.

  • Build Strategy

    Create your tailored revenue strategy, consisting of your context, revenue operating system and your revenue operations model

  • Implement Operations

    Tackle current revenue leakage, roll out the revenue strategy, sales leadership and closing deals.

  • Ongoing Optimisation

    Constantly optimise the results through sales sprints and testing.

Transforming your B2B Revenue engine

The old sales model is broken, work with us to transform and modernise your organisation through advisory, coaching, & tech

Construct a Foundation for Growth

Establish a solid foundation for sustainable growth with our effective strategies and guidance.

Discover Room for Progress

Whether your focus is top line or bottom line, growth or efficiency, strategy or execution, we’ll use specific levers for your long-term success.

Assess Your Sales Performance

Our analysis identifies strengths and areas for growth, helping you optimise your sales strategy. Improve your revenue today.

Sales Excellence Route

Improve your sales excellence. High performance organisations are 700% more productive than others. Let’s unlock your full sales potential


Experience the Difference

At, we redefine success. Our services are not just about growth; they’re about transformation. Discover a partnership that doesn’t settle for ordinary but strives for extraordinary results. It’s time to experience the difference.

Your Unique Context

I craft a strategy tailored exclusively for your business, ensuring it aligns perfectly with your unique needs and goals.

Your RevenueOS

Your revenue org is a system. We create a well tuned system to help you scaling and improving margin.

Your Revenue Operating Model

Across Demand Creation, Demand Capture and Revenue Creation, assigning tasks and

Book Now

121 Coaching!

High performance coaching based on building revenue organisations and working with 100s of CEOs, revenue leaders and sales reps.

Expected Outcome!

Gain more leads, more revenue and higher valued deals, faster.

Stories of Awesome

Cedric has been a tremendous strategic coach. He helped me on how to implement a go-to-market strategy and how to work with the right channel partners.



CEO & Founder UserSense

$ 0 K
Company Revenue
0 %
Successful Projects

I was skeptical about sales coaching until I met Cedric. Their methodical and personalized strategy has revolutionized how we approach B2B sales. Our SME has seen remarkable growth since we started the program. I can’t recommend them highly enough for any startup looking to scale.


Selina Schwarzenbacher

CEO and founder, Euro Yachting

$ 0 K
Company Revenue
0 %
Successful Projects

As a Founder, finding the right guidance for business development can be daunting. Cedric provided us with more than just training; they gave us a comprehensive sales generation engine that has been pivotal for our growth. Their expertise in B2B sales is unmatched.


Simon Due

CEO and founder, Star.Care

$ 0 K
Company Revenue
0 %
Successful Projects

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