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In this blog, we cover the conversation I had with Catherine Olivier around building high performant sales development teams.

If you want to listen, or watch the full episode (only 35 mins), then here you have the links:

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And with this, let’s start:

Leading and developing Sales Development teams

Catherine kicks off with the basics’ of them all: the importance of understanding and backing one’s team.

“Without support, even the most talented individuals can struggle to reach their full potential,” she notes.

Especially the fact that very often that being an SDR is the first sales related role of a professional, they need a welcoming environment, and…

A structured onboarding.

It sets people up for success, going from product, expectations and the nuances of the role and the company culture.

A comprehensive onboarding program ensures that new team members are equipped with the knowledge and tools needed to excel.

And, important for me, to understand what gaps they have after the onboarding and how we can coach them for success.

Quality Over Quantity

I’ve said it before… without any doubt a topic that keeps coming back in my conversations…. quality rather than quantity trumps every time.

In a world inundated with information, quality interactions trump sheer volume. Catherine advocates for focusing on meaningful engagements rather than chasing arbitrary metrics.

“Building genuine connections with customers yields far better results in the long run,” she advises.

A targeted strategy leads to higher conversion rates and greater customer satisfaction.

This is a great opportunity to start implementing Account Based Sales (and Marketing).

Gone are the days of casting a wide net in hopes of catching a few fish.

In my experience, we are still not focused enough. It is one of the first things I do: narrowing the ICPs down, and linking them with the use cases of my client.

Balancing Automation and Personalisation

Another million dollar topic. Automation and use of AI.

While automation streamlines processes, it should be balanced with personalisation.

Catherine works hard to maintain that equilibrium between automated workflows and personalised communication in her teams: “Customers crave authenticity and individualised attention,” she asserts.

And this was it!

If you are a b2b tech founder or sales leader looking to grow your business, then I can help in the following ways:

→ Need more structure? I help crafting a revenue strategy for you

→ Need more revenue? I get you unstuck: better leads, higher conversion rate, better performing reps

→ Need sales leadership? I step in for mid market and complex sales orgs as a fractional sales leader.

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