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Making B2B Tech Startups Sell Better, More And Faster by creating your

Revenue Operating System



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*This is only for tech b2b companies making between $200,000 – 1,000,000 per year and are looking to at least double their revenue in the coming 12 – 24 months.

Money Back Guarantee



High Growth Entrepreneurs Love Our Program


Wendy & Kristina,
Founders, Secret City Trails

“Without you, we wouldnt have been able to have the same conversations and create the same value for our company.”

Simon Due,
CEO, Star.Care

“It’s been very time efficient, for me it speeded up the process a lot.”

Koen Stevens,
CEO, Ambassify

“We were looking to make our sales strategy more streamlined and document our processes, and thanks to you the impact on our revenue was almost immediate”

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This & more is what you get:

A Unique Revenue Strategy

Join Like Minded CEOs

More Qualified Leads

Proven Revenue Scaling System

Member Area Exclusive Video Courses

Better Deal Qualification

And much much more…

Online Platform to create your Revenue Strategy

Unique Templates and Processes

How to Build Content

… A System to Accelerate Your Revenue Growth

Are You Ready To Grow?

Schedule Your Strategy Call here:

The responses are 100% confidential and will help us preparing the call.


Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this program for?

This program is for startups that have founder-led sales (FLS), have initial traction and are looking to create a foundation to start growing consistently.  

When does the program start?

While you can apply and start anytime you want, the group coaching sessions start the second week of January.  

I have less than $200,000 turnover.  Is there a possibility to participate?

Yes.  We have clients that have received funding and/or scaling fast, are not yet at 200,000 annual revenue and are looking for the revenue strategy we can help provide for them.  The bracket for the program has some specific common challenges, like bringing structure in their revenue strategy, while at the same time there is already initial traction.  

What is the duration of the program?

The duration of the program is 6 months.  Afterward, you remain part of the community groups that will be live starting in January 2024.

How does a group coaching session look like?

1 session is 55 minutes long, and there are 2 different types of sessions:

1. AMA – Ask Me Anything:  where we run the session based on questions we receive before the session start.  During the group session we address those and other participants can learn -and give their input as well.  This is specifically interesting because many b2b Tech CEOs run against the same challenges. 

2. Theme based: which are topics that are fundamental to build a revenue strategy, and where we go deeper into them.  

How does a one-to-session look like?

While you are progressing to your revenue strategy on your own time, we would like to ensure you are working on the structure with the best possible result.

One session lasts 55 minutes.

1. We have sessions where we go deep into the templates you have prepared, 

2. We have sessions where we will challenge limiting beliefs, 

3. We have sessions where we will practice specific sales skills, processes and methodologies,

4. We have sessions to set up your outbound and content sequences,

5. We have operational sessions to see what deals are stuck, where do conversion rates drop, 

 Basically, anything that helps you moving forward and gaining you revenue and clients is covered during that session.

Are you really working with a money back guarantee – What is the catch?

Yes we have a money back guarantee, and there is no catch.

During our strategy call we look if there is a match: from our side we want to make sure you really want to grow and are willing to put in the minimum amount of work (5 hours per week, a bit more in the beginning) and at the same time that we meet each others expectations.

We want to build a strong foundation with our clients, and an intense collaboration is key.  If you have put in the work during the first month and find out this is not for you, then we return you the money.

By the way, nobody has asked any money back.  Our system works. 

… A System to Double Your Revenue between 12 – 24 months.