Sales Mentoring

Boosting specific sales skills

We have several programs to develop the sales skills of you and/or your teams:

– Compassionate Leadership Program: Collaboration is crucial in the new work environment. This program is especially useful  in remote environments and to create feedback cultures.  During 13 sessions, we will work within Jump’s compassionate leadership framework to further develop those skills.

– Enterprise Sales Program:  The challenge with most scaleups is the move from mid market to enterprise, with sales people that have only sold into mid market.  The Enterprise Sales program coaches on the fundamental differences between mid market and enterprise, and the keys to succeed in enterprise sales.  In addition, we work on your real deals.

– Sales Skillbooster Program: This program is ideally suited to work on a certain skill gap.  Examples are: working on urgency, objection handling, storytelling, discovery, preparing of demo meetings, … 

– Sales Helpdesk:  This program is only available for organisations that work either with the sales book or CROAAS.  Have a hotline available for your sales team when you are stuck, want to prep a deal/meeting or other.

Are you ready to boost your or your team’s skills?

Let’s chat and see what we can do for each other.  You can book a meeting on my Calendly here.

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