1-on-1 Mentoring

Building the foundation for your high performance sales organisation 


Over the course of 13 weeks, we will meet (virtually over Zoom) for a very interactive 90 minutes where you will get to know, understand and apply the 5 building blocks for your high performance organisation.   We do this naturally in a very informal setting.

What you will learn

This program is a great opportunity to get to know and practically implement the 5 key modules of any high performance sales organisation:






You will learn the foundational principles of each of those 5 modules.  Further you will get to know the impact each of those modules have on the sales performance, how they are interlaced and even reinforce each other.   

How does this mentoring program look like?

The program covers 3 parts 

1. Induction (Session 1)

During the first session we will introduce you to the 5 elements and start mapping your organisation. 

2. Mentoring (Session 2 – 11)

After the induction session, we move to the actual mentoring.  During this stage, we will cover every module over 2 weeks.  Week one we go deeper into each module (according to the approach below), and the following week we compare the canvas of the previous week with the first implementations (oh yes), and work more from there. 

3. Bringing it all together (Session 12 – 13)

The final 2 weeks, we bring it all together.  

Session 12 we use to adjust our several canvasses and look at the results of the first implementations, and the final week we use to finalise our blueprint.

The Mentoring Sessions – Week 1 of each Module

A typical mentoring session is very interactive, and consists of 3 parts:

1. Theory

Here we deeper into the modules and answer questions like:

– What does it mean to develop one of the 5 elements (Position, People, Process, Skill, Culture), how does this look like 

2. Exercise

In the exercise part, we practise the element and get a feeling of that element working

3. Apply

In the final part, we work with a canvas to apply the knowledge onto your unique organisation, creating the blueprint for your high performance sales organisation.



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Highlights from the program

Speed Up Your Sales Cycle

Improve Your Forecasting

Better Sales Coaching

Improved Sales Skills

Find Your Right Sales Profile

More Qualified Opportunities

World Class Cadence

How To Celebrate

Improve Your Storytelling

Efficient Pitching

How To Keep Scaling

True Agility


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