Sales Strategies that make you money


Sales is not broken.  Sales has specific rules in each different stage, in each different context.

Most b2b entrepreneurs and sales leaders struggle to implement the right strategies and tactics at the right time.  This has a massive impact on their performance.

Solopreneurs have different needs than founders transitioning from founder led sales into sales led sales, and again different needs from companies that are looking to scale from 1 to 10 million.  Each stage requires a specific approach, taking into account the different rules in sales.  At the same time, sometimes the smallest tweaks can have the biggest impact, if you know what to tweak, when.

Are you looking to accelerate your sales and create a predictable revenue model?

If you are a b2b entrepreneur or sales leader, then we can help.

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What we typically work on during our collaboration:


Target the right client for your with the right conversation starter.

Predictable Business

Knowing what activities will lead to what outcome.

More Conversions

Focus on the metric that has the biggest impact, whether it is more leads, more deals, higher deal size..

Higher Performance

Working on skill development, faster ramping up of sales teams and sales coaching.

“Cedric has been a tremendous strategic coach. He helped me on how to implement a go-to-market strategy and how to work with the right channel partners.”


CEO & Founder, UserSense