Coaching Program

Grow With Purpose
A Unique Coaching Program for Entrepreneurs looking to lead with Purpose

Why Grow with Purpose?

Creating your own business is an exciting and rewarding journey. We all know successful entrepreneurs have a clear vision of their business’s mission and goals as well as their own personal mission, their purpose. 

Being aware of your purpose and understand how it relates to your business is crucial to the founding and growth process. 


Is Grow with Purpose for you?

The Grow with Purpose Coaching is for you when you are a founder and/or business leader who want to:

1. Identify your purpose and align it to your business.

2. Understand what drives and engages you

3. Learn how to transmit your engagement to your team, influence their performance and so grow your business

4. Learn about your personal values and alignment to your business

5. Identify how to achieve your personal balance

6. Map your strengths and build on them. 

Why is the program so important?

Your purpose will drive your engagement to your business and therefore your capacity to engage your stakeholders, investors and employees. 

As the founder you are the number 1 most engaged in your business, naturally nobody else will be as engaged as you are since it is your own business!

Knowing how to transmit that engagement and drive to your team are crucial to increase your performance.  Hence being aware of your own purpose and its alignment to your business is key to give your business the energy and drive it needs and to be able to transmit it to your team.

By knowing your own purpose you will be able to make business decisions that are in line with your own. It will support your decisions when assessing business opportunities and help you to determine if they serve your own purpose and your business’s.

As the business grows and take different directions, it is common to loose sight and deviate from the core mission and your personal purpose and end up with a business that does not connect to your core values and authentic self.

For example taking a direction based purely on profit prospects can result on conflicting scenarios if your own purpose and values are compromised. And so will be your engagement to the business and ability to engage others.

Identifying your purpose and aligning it to your business will provide the engagement and drive you need to make it successful.

Why is engagement so important?

Engagement is the level of commitment, enthusiasm, dedication and involvement towards the business and drives and execute goals. Engagement is most powerful when linked to your personal purpose and meaning.

When you know your purpose, and your drive, it becomes easier to find similar elements with your people and engage on a higher level. 

How do we deliver the coaching?

The coaching is done biweekly on a 1-to-1 basis, online and over 6 sessions of 1 hour (sometimes we go over this).


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