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To support you in these crazy times, we offer you FREE coaching:


I know your time is valuable, so I’ll get right to the point.  None of us has foreseen this, and we know how tough building a startup is, and especially now.

Do you have sleepless nights?  Are you standing still, looking at what you can do?  How are your sales?  And what about your product strategy? 

We are here to help you:

The reflex can be to enter the so-called ‘survival mode’, burn bridges and make short term decisions, that actually will harm you once this crisis is over.  Because yes, this one will end, just like all the other crises. 

Our purpose here at Jump Foundation is to make all entrepreneurs profitable.  We want to help you by offering 20 hours of FREE one-to-one coaching for startup founders who need support with sales, product or HR/Wellbeing. 

All you have to do is:

– type your name and mail address so we can set you up with your relevant coach, and

– enter: HR, wellbeing, sales or product in the body, and the question that is burning on your mind.

– click Submit.

– expect our response to schedule a Zoom-call 

Why us?

We are 3 subject matter experts with over 60 years experience in tech, product, sales, HR, and wellbeing.

We want to make you successful, and though there is no ‘miracle formula’, we have the birds eye view and experience to give you the input that will help you bridging the current crisis.

Act fast, as we have only a limited number of slots, and we close this offer 10 April.  Looking forward working with you!

Laura, Amit & Cedric

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What topics can we help you with?


How are you coping, and how is your team doing from a wellbeing point-of-view?

But also, how can you keep your people motivated and keep their performance up during these times of uncertainty?   


Now can be the right time to reassess your product strategy and product management process.  What is your product story, and how can we support the performance of the product owner and staff. 


You will need to optimise your processes.  What is your cost-per-euro-revenue and how can we improve this key metric?  How does your pipeline look right now, and what key deals do you have that need support?  How is your sales pitch?  Does it create urgency and deliver value?

Let us not forget:  there are many sectors that are booming today.  There is money, and there are pains to be solved. 

Let’s get working!

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